Diesel Flow Meter FM4 - FM3Diesel fuel flow meter

The mechanical Diesel meter is made of aluminium and it is intended for private. The counter is reliable, economical, easy to install and is characterized by its excellent value for money. The counter can be used for the measurement of fuels such as diesel, fuel oil, rapeseed oil and lubricating liquids of low viscosity. The meter FM4 has the partial counter with 4 digits (3 digits for FM3) and the total counter of 8 digits (6 digits for FM3).The reading system of the mechanical counter is based on swash plate type and has the ability to be calibrated to ensure optimum accuracy in the measurement of the fuel flow rate. The mechanical meter, thanks to its low resistance to the passage of the fuel, also works by gravity and can be installed, on tanks or tanks above ground, in any position, as shown in the diagram below. The standard of the meter provides fuel for the left exit (S), with connections of 1 ".Upon request, specifying the final letter of the code, outputs are provided on the right, top and bottom, as shown in Figure below.
The standard layout forseen the exit of the flow on the left (S).

lay out of fuel flow meterFM3
pos.(D): Cod. 991203D; pos. (A): Cod. 991203A
pos.(B): Cod. 991203B; pos. (S): Cod. 991203

pos.(D): Cod. 991204D; pos. (A): Cod. 991204A
pos.(B): Cod. 991204B; pos. (S): Cod. 991204


Technical Specifications

Unit Litre
Flow Rate (range) 20 -120 Litre/min
Meter Mechanism Nutating Disk
Read out System (subtotal) 3 or 4 digits (9999)
Read out System (total) 6 or 8 digits (99999999)
Operating Pressure max. 3,5 bar
Accuracy after calibration +/- 1%
Repeatibility +/- 0,2%
Threated Connectors 1" BSP/NPT
Body Material Aluminium
Weight 1,8 Kg
Dimensions 240x165x170 mm
dimensions of diesel fuel flow meter