Diesel Flow Meter FM3 - FM4 - FM LCD

The new fuel flow meters FLUID offer modern solutions designed to simplify their application and to improve their accuracy and reliability.
The innovative RRPS system (Patented), allows a 360° rotation of the reading dial respect to connections direction and allows to adjust the horizontal reading dial position by simply turning the dial, without any need for mechanical actions on the counter.

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The new concept of the meter is characterized by the possibility of applying the same hydraulic unit on both mechanical measuring unit (3 or 4 digits) and electronic measuring unit with LCD display. So it’s possible, for example, transform the meter from mechanical to electronic, simply by operating on 4 screws and without the need to disconnect the meter hydraulically.
The transmission through magnetic driven allows to eliminate the typical dynamic sealing, thus ensuring a secure sealing over time and a more accurate metering at low flow rates.
Finally, the excellent flowability of the measurement system makes the meter as ideal for measurements to gravity.


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