Water separating Diesel Filter

Cartridge FIlter

The fuel cartridge filter DIESEL FILTER is easily suitable on the delivery lines of fuel distributors on storage tanks and it is recommended for all the applications where the fuel is requested without dirt and water traces.
The particular substances in the filter ensure the absorption of the water in the fuel, while the filtering structure ensure an effective barriers about dirty particles greater than 30 micrometers.
To ensure a regular filtering action, it is recommended replace the filter periodically and when a fuel flow rate reduction is noted.
Cod. 991001

Diesel Cartridges - Technical Specifications

190 x 95 mm
Flow rate max
70 Litri/min
30 Micron
Work pressure max.
4 bar
1"-12 UNF
diesel fuel filter water separating  


Filter Holder

The holder is made out of aluminum and it is suitable on the following range of diesel dispenser FLW 60-12/24 DC, FLW 60-230 AC, and of this range of distributor FLT 60-12/24 2DC e FLT 60-230 AC.
Cod. 991101

Filter Holder - Technical Specifications

Dimensions 140x68 mm
IN-OUT Connections 1" BSP
Filter connection 1" -12 UNF
Material Alluminium
Weight 0.35 Kg



diesel filter holder