Electronic Digital Diesel Flow Meter FM LCD

Electronic digital flow meter for diesel and low-viscosity lubricants, for private use. The low flow resistance allows high accuracy and correct operation even by gravity. Reliable and robust, the digital flow meter is simple to install, quickly calibrateable electronically and it is capable of measuring the flow rate in liters (L), U.S. gallons (G), Pints ​​(P) and Fourth (Q).

Are available, on request, the display backlight, NPN data output, bi-directional RS 232 data output, external battery feeding and more customization.




User Manual
electronic diesel fuel meter


Technical Specifications FM LCD DIgital Meter
Units L; US G; P; Q
Flow Rate 20 -120 Liters/min
Meter mechanism Nutating disk
Partial-Total read out 6 digits
Operating pressure 5 bar max.
Bursting pressure 28 bar
Accuracy (after calibration) +/- 0.5%
Button battery 3 V
Threated connectors 1" G BSP
Hydraulic group material Aluminium
Weight 1,24 Kg
Dimensions 154x167 H90 mm
electronic diesel fuel meter dimensions